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vascular and pigmented lesions

Non-Invasive Aesthetic Treatments for your Body

The non-invasive aesthetic treatments are trendy because people do not want to resolve aesthetic problems with surgery. They are looking for painless, comfortable, and efficient treatments that give results. People prefer to go through several sessions to achieve results rather than undergo one invasive type of surgery to get rid of sagging skin or vascular and pigmented lesions. Many opt for cellulite treatments and body contouring which have zero downtime/zero recovery time and imply reduced costs (compared to complex surgery).

There has been much advancement in non-invasive technology, so patients nowadays experience no pain, no downtime, minimal discomfort, and no scarring. Therefore, more and more opt for these aesthetic treatments because they are safer, better, and cheaper than surgery. The results they obtain with the help of non-invasive aesthetic treatments are life changing.

Treatments performed with the Viora system make patients extremely happy with the results. The results speak for themselves, whether we talk about V-IPL treatments for hair removal, age spots, vascular and pigmented lesions, or whole-body skin tightening treatments. All treatments can be performed with the same Viora device; of course, it takes a highly skilled and trained medical doctor to deliver these treatments.

For example, it is possible to perform V-Firm treatments on the stomach area to reduce unwanted fat, sagging skin, and stretch marks. All these problems can be targeted with the same treatment device without implying any invasive procedures. Typically, the treatment of the stomach area, there will be performed about eight treatments. For example, there will be 4 V-Form sessions as a body contouring protocol and another four treatments with the ReFit protocol by Viora.

With ReFit, the treatment targets mainly sagging skin and the extra fat deposited around the stomach area. To address the stretch marks, the doctor may follow up with Viora’s V-ST handpiece designed to reduce stretch marks. This is only an example of a treatment protocol. Still, depending on your problems, the expert will decide which exact treatment schedule to follow for the best results.

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