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5 Gen-Y corporate refugees

Maybe they don't see much room for promotion where they are, maybe it's because they are sick of corporate politics, or maybe they just can't ...

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Immigrants file most patents at top schools

Immigrants file 76% of patents at the top 10 patent-producing colleges. But many like Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Imbed Biosciences, run into legal trouble when ...

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One family’s stake in health reform

Health reform is on the line at the Supreme Court, and next week's decision will impact small business owners like Evan Rosenberg -- and their ...

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Should you charge for lunch dates?

People whose brains have been picked to death often wind up feeling like they are just being used. As a result, many are now charging ...

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5 startups that succeeded – via patience

Pediatrician Amy Baxter knew she was onto something when she came up with Buzzy, a cute, vibrating bee-shaped device with an ice pack that provides ...

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‘I started a business in a boomtown’

Ever since she worked in a coffee shop during college, Megan Wold had dreamed of opening her own cafe. When the oil boom hit Williston ...

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7 most business-friendly cities

Coming in first place on small business friendliness, ease of starting a company, hiring, licensing, regulations -- nearly everything, really -- is the capital of ...

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Business owners wary but laud deportation reprieve

Obama on Friday announced the government would stop deporting some young immigrants here illegally. Companies welcomed the move, which could give thousands of workers legal ...

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flower shop in North Salem, NY,

Health reform: What’s at stake for small business

There's a lot in store for small business owners in President Obama's health reform law. They should keep a close eye on the upcoming Supreme ...

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Lessons from Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios fiasco

Schilling, 400 employees, and Rhode Island taxpayers had to learn the hard way that venture capital is best left to those who know how to ...

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10 most entrepreneurial states

Arizona is a sizzling spot for startups. People were more likely to launch businesses here than in any other state in the country last year. Arizona ...

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How an upstart bat maker swings against Louisville Slugger

BWP is among several boutique bat companies gaining traction inside MLB equipment lockers. Here's how they are doing it. By Cristina Rouvalis FORTUNE -- Selling a boutique ...

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Romney promises a policy role

Romney fielded questions from small business owners Wednesday, promising to tackle taxes, regulation and health care reform. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Mitt Romney promised members of ...

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Small Businesses Team Up to Land Federal Contracts

Back in 2008, Randy Lebolo sensed the housing market was ÔÇ£going down hard,ÔÇØ so he started looking for ways to diversify his commercial construction business. ...

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When a Kickstarter Project Threatens to Fail

The crowd-funding site Kickstarter, as weÔÇÖve written, can be a wondrous tool. Entrepreneurs post an idea for a new product and then turn to the ...

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Micha Benoliel’s Open Garden

When Micha Benoliel was an MBA student in France in his 20s, he studied abroad in San Francisco for six months. One day he walked ...

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Food service industry marketing

Small U.S. Franchises Head to the Middle East

Jonathan Spiel has tried three times to turn his beloved Tea Lounge in Brooklyn into a thriving chain. Four years ago, he closed his second ...

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Small U.S. Manufacturers Give Up on ‘Made in China’

When Sonja Zozula and Jerry Anderson founded LightSaver Technologies in 2009, everyone told them they should make their emergency lights for homeowners in China. After ...

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Obama Shouldn’t Embellish His Small Business Record

A new White House report credits Obama with increasing bank loans, cutting red tape, and lowering health-care costs for small employers. Data show otherwise

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