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Planning the Perfect Kayak Adventure

Vacationing in Cabo equals plenty of sunshine, fun and a wide range of vibrant experiences. Among them, the tours are perhaps the most popular. You can choose among dozens of different tours available at very advantageous prices especially if you book through Only Cabo Tours. If you are looking for that extra adventure for the day, you could opt for a Cabo kayak tour. However, before you will book your next great adventure, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. These will help you plan your perfect kayaking adventure:

  • Always have a change of clothes with you and a towel- yes, you should pack light for any adventure, but there are a few things that will make your experience more pleasant and comfortable. You may not plan to go on a swim while on your Cabo kayak tour, but you may still get quite wet. Paddling will bring water into the kayak, and if you do not want to keep going with soggy clothes you should have a change of clothes on you.
  • Before you actually get into your kayak, a good tip would be to allow that sunscreen or bug spray to dry on your skin. Always apply your sunscreen before entering the kayak, to ensure you get the best protection.
  • Some accessories you should not forget on shore- a good hat and your sunglasses. Please keep in mind that water is highly reflective, and going on your tour without sunglasses will not be comfortable for you. You want to enjoy your experience and see all those gorgeous views, so put on your hat and sunglasses for protection and some shade on the open waters.
  • Remember the water- donโ€™t allow that entire sea water trick your body that you do not need water. You need to stay hydrated while on your trip, so remember to pack a bottle of ice cold water in your bag. Ensure to take regular sips from your bottle in order to maintain good hydration levels. Another important thing you should keep in mind is that you should take a recyclable type of bottle with you, and not a glass bottle.
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