Poughkeepsie NY septic tank repairs

Possible Hazards of Not Maintaining Your Septic Tank

When you decide to get Poughkeepsie NY septic tank installation, you’re probably excited about all the benefits that you’re going to receive.  To start, they’re economical because they’re cheaper than installing new pipes and they also eliminate public water bills.  The next main benefit is that they’re economically friendly because they use a natural filtration system that minimizes pollution.  Another thing that people get excited about is that they’re low maintenance.  That being said, they do require Poughkeepsie NY septic tank pumping and Poughkeepsie NY septic tank cleaning every 3 to 5 years.  If you don’t, your tank may overflow, which could quickly turn the advantages of these tanks into disadvantages.  This article identifies some of the risks of not maintaining your septic tank.



If you don’t maintain your tank, the whole tank could malfunction, which could be an expensive mistake.  Not only will you have to get Poughkeepsie NY septic tank repairs, but there may be other expenses.  For example, maybe it causes your toilets to overflow, therefore making you pay to get your floors and expensive carpets cleaned.  Even more, your neighbors could complain about the smell and you could be fined.


Bad For The Environment

Although septic tanks are environmentally friendly, they can cause a lot of harm if they’re not maintained.  For instance, pools of sewage can harm animals and any vegetation that it comes into contact with.


Risks For Human Health

Along with the environment, humans shouldn’t be exposed to this contamination either.  This is because it could cause people to become infected with diseases such as trachoma, salmonellosis, hepatitis A, and other parasite-cause diseases.  In addition, if a sewer enters the water supply, it could affect many people.

Although one of the benefits of septic tanks is that they’re low maintenance, they still need to be maintained.  You can do this by getting Poughkeepsie NY septic tank pumping and Poughkeepsie NY septic tank cleaning every couple of years.

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