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New York real estate litigation attorneys

Real Estate Issues: Breach of Duty or Negligence?

New York real estate litigation attorneys can be beneficial, especially if you plan to buy property. The attorneys can help you with everything from reviewing the sales contract to helping you resolve more complex issues and representing you in court if needed. Many people get help from real estate agents to rent or buy property. It is essential to note that real estate agents also have duties and responsibilities, and if they fail to act professionally and honestly, things can lead to a breach of duty or negligence.

Real estate agents can also become sued by their clients for negligence or breach of duty. A real estate agent’s role and legal obligation are to always act in the best interest of their clients. Unfortunately, it may happen that a real estate agent will work in his own best interest or the interest of a third party. This is when New York real estate litigation attorneys can be beneficial to resolve such disputes and problems.

Real estate agents must always keep all sensitive information confidential- the information relating to their clients such as personal data or financial details must be confidential. Real estate agents must also perform their duties to the best of their knowledge and ability. For example, suppose a real estate agent knowledgeably makes a client lose money. In that case, the agent becomes fully responsible for the damages caused by their mistake or negligence. Furthermore, real estate agents must always disclose all vital information that could benefit their clients. For example, suppose the estate agent knows clearly that a property has a defect (such as a major plumbing issue or a roof hole) and does not disclose these details to the client. In that case, the agent can be sued for breach of duty or negligence. The real estate agent may omit to give out such information about the property because he wishes to close the sale faster and earn his commission. However, buyers should know they can hire a lawyer and pursue justice in court if needed.

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