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Relationship counseling in Eastchester

Reasons you May Need Marriage Counseling

All couples out there experience conflict at some point in their life. For some this conflict can take place because of the lack of money, for others it is jealousy and the list is never-ending. Regardless of the type of issue you are struggling with, you should know that a marriage counseling Westchester ny therapist can help. Marriage counseling is never about finger-pointing. It is about digging deep into the dynamics and patterns of the relationship and finding the root cause of the problem. Then, a skilled and experienced therapist will help you change behavior and learn to manage everything much better and ultimately fix the relationship.

So what are those instances that are clear reasons pointing towards needing a marriage counseling Westchester ny therapist?

  • Lately, you have noticed that you grew apart. After several years of marriage, routine sets in and many couples are not capable of coexisting well. The relationship resembles mostly living with a roommate, and divorce has come into the equation as well. This is when you should definitely get professional help from a marriage counselor.
  • The third person- unfaithfulness is yet another marriage breaker. Unfaithfulness is also one of the most common issues couples turn to therapy for. It is a delicate issue and it most often takes professional counseling in order to navigate through such muddy waters. Also, it is not always only about physical infidelity. An emotional betrayal can cause the same problems as physical infidelity.
  • Arguing- hurtful arguments, unfruitful arguments, confrontation, conflict. Arguments are normal, but they have degenerated if they are extremely frequent, more hurtful and painful each time. When arguing gets into a repetitive loop it will shortly become destructive to the relationship and this is why you need professional counseling.

Couples also turn to marriage counseling when one of the individuals decides they want divorce, but they would like to have an amicable divorce. Sometimes, you may want to see if the marriage can be saved, and take marriage counseling as a last resort option. Marriage counseling can help a great deal, regardless of the type of problem you are struggling with.

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