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Selling Your Non-Sports Card Collection

As many sports card collectors know, part of putting together a great collection is buying and selling your cards successfully.  We say successfully, because it’s easy to get stuck in a bad deal if you’re not careful.  That being said, the same thing goes for non-sports cards.  Although non-sports card collections can be valuable and well sought after, some people think that they’re harder to sell than sports cards.

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Let’s start by saying that this thought process is incorrect.  Just like sports cards, collectors have to be careful about who they sell to and at what price.  The reason why these cards may seem harder to sell is because there’s a smaller market for them.  On the other hand, non-sports cards are very diverse, which is why many people are attracted to them.  They have political figures, media cards, cartoons, and more.


Selling these cards to sports card buyers in NJ is very similar to selling actual sports cards.  The first thing a seller should do is consider how much their cards are worth so that they know how to market them.  The factors that determine their price is the era that the card is from, who is on the card, whether or not the card is rare, and it’s condition.  Since the condition of the cards have a big impact on how much they’re worth, make sure to keep them protected while you have them.


As with sports cards, non-sports cards can be very valuable and rare, meaning that you need to be careful.  If you try to sell online, you will probably find that the process is not only more difficult and time consuming, but there are many scammers that are online as well.


That’s why you shouldn’t just sell to any sports card buyer in NJ that offers you a deal.  Instead, you have to be cautious – you can do this by doing your research and finding a company that you can trust.  You will be able to see which companies are trustworthy by reading reviews, considering how much experience that they have, and how their customer service is.  The good thing about working with reputable companies is that you can feel comfortable that they are not trying to rip you off.  In addition, they are experts in non-sports cards, meaning they’ll offer you a fair price for your collection.

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