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Shield Electronics with Protective Packaging

The market is abounding in protective packaging products, but not all of them are of the best quality. Certainly you can find online random types of desiccant bags and static shielding bags, but you must ensure to buy the best quality out there for maximum protection. Companies out there sell all sorts of items- from toys and electronics and up to clothing and cosmetic items -the offer is never-ending. Every owner also decides for himself what type of packaging he will choose to store and ship these items in the best possible conditions.

A company selling clothing items will require different packaging systems as compared to a company that sells sensitive electronics. Since every company is different and the requirements are so different, Edco Supply Corporation focuses on delivering custom tailored packaging solutions for everyone.

In case you are selling electronics to costumers all over the country or even the world, then you already know how important it is to protect your items during transportation. Electronics are not only sensitive items but they can be also very expensive. By choosing the right type of packaging and including desiccant bags within packaging you will protect your investment. Experts recommend considering the following two types of packaging that will protect electronics:

  • Anti Static bags- the anti static bags are extremely important when shipping electronics, mainly because these packaging items will protect from electrostatic fields and ESD. The bags will basically create a Faraday cage effect around your electronics in order to protect the items within packaging. If you do not ensure to protect the items against ESD, the internal circuits can easily become damaged and then your investment is lost.
  • Desiccant packs and moisture barrier packaging- these packaging products are typically used to protect all enclosed items from moisture accumulation which can cause great damages to any electronic item. Both these packaging items are quite important, and you can select the one that better suits your needs and requirements. For example, moisture barrier bags work perfectly for storing and shipping electronics such as a cell phone or a tablet, while for larger items you can opt for desiccant packs.
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