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Short & Funny History of Antique Beds

Antique beds bring to our space something that modern beds can never achieve…the luxury, the lavishness and the romance everyone needs in their bedroom. Paired with an ultra-modern and comfortable mattress, the luxury antique beds will immediately become the centerpiece of your room.

…But let’s go a little back in time and fact check a few things. Some of you may have noticed that antique style beds were much higher than what we are accustomed to in our modern days. Have you ever wondered why? Well, back in the day, our founding fathers and their ladies needed great protection from the drafts while sleeping. Insulated doors and windows were not even a question in the 14th century. Yet another reason why these beds were built much higher from the ground was because of the rodents. It sounds a little far-fetched, but that was the reality back in the day…they wanted to keep the rodents away as much as possible, at least while they were sleeping.

The good thing about higher luxury antique beds in today’s world is that we can get plenty of storage space under the bed. In fact if you will put a lavish antique style bed in your room, and there is barely any room left for a dresser, the good news is that you have tons of storage space underneath your bed. Choosing a luxury antique bed will certainly do away with the monotony of any room.

Up until the 14th century, people did not even have an item that we call a bed today. During Medieval times for example, people built wooden or rope slats which were then made comfortable by the addition of hay and straw. So, does the expression “hit the hay” ring a bell now? Or, by the 19th century the rope beds became quite trendy in America, and here they created crisscross patterns with the help of ropes and then added a straw mattress on top. This is how “sleep tight” was born as a phrase, because obviously, rope beds constantly needed tightening to offer good support.

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