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Should I Keep or Sell My Baseball Cards?

Many of us have started collections at some point in our lives; maybe it was a coin collection, unique rocks, or even baseball cards. These collections are important to us, as weโ€™ve spent time and lots of money on them. Through the hard work, hours searching on the internet, and a lot of patience, our collections are now complete. If baseball cards are your collection of choice, there may come a time where youโ€™re considering selling baseball cards. Before you do so, there are some questions to ask yourself to better determine if youโ€™re making the right decision.


Are they well-preserved?

You may be asking, why is this an important question? Itโ€™s relevant because if youโ€™re not taking the time, or spending the money, on proper protection for your collection, you could be losing money. If the cards arenโ€™t kept in top-condition, the value of the cards decrease when youโ€™re ready to sell baseball cards. They should be kept in penny sleeves, top loaders, card savers, boxes or binders. They should also be kept out of direct light, as it can fade the color.


How often do you look at them?

Maybe you still care about them, but you may not ever take the time to look at them anymore. If this is the case, you may want to consider selling baseball cards.


Do you have family members that want them?

Maybe your son, or even your granddaughter, have always loved your collection. This may be a special love that the two of you share. If so, you may not want to sell baseball cards, but rather give them as a gift.


Could you use the extra cash?

You may still love your collection! But if youโ€™re going through a difficult financial time, you could make some extra money by selling baseball cards.

Before you sell baseball cards, make sure to ask yourself all of these questions. The answers to these questions should help you feel more confident in keeping or selling your collection.

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