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Skin hydration

Skin Hydration Treatments

Hydrated skin is plump, with a natural glow and healthy look. When your skin is well hydrated, your wrinkles will also disappear. Maintaining your skin hydrated from the inside is extremely important. However, with Sana H. Obaid M.D proprietary technology, it is now possible to obtain beautiful and hydrated skin with a few sessions. If you are interested in such treatments, you can now get them through sanahobaid.com.

Skin hydration therapies allow for an extensive range of different treatments customized for dehydrated skin. These treatments are beneficial for a broad age group and skin types. For example, many believe that oily skin cannot become dehydrated. If you expose your skin to the sun and heat for more extended periods, even oily skin can quickly become dehydrated. Skin hydration threatens to offer a fast and highly efficient solution with long-term results. Skin renewal and hydration treatments are often performed with a V-FR handpiece. These treatments are noninvasive, non-painful, and offer lasting results.

Viora’s Electroporation system with patented Ion wave technology will hydrate the skin to its deepest layers with Intensive Hydration. During the treatments, the doctor will use special hydration ampoules that restore moisture balance in the skin and help repair the natural cellular water reservoirs to prevent any moisture loss. The immediate and long-term moisturizing effects are guaranteed thanks to the quality hyaluronic acid ingredient and saccharide isomerate. Depending on your needs, these skin hydration treatments can be performed as single therapies or combination treatments.

Keep your skin hydrated and well moisturized by performing such treatments regularly. By maintaining your skin hydrated, you will also reduce the need for expensive home facial treatments or the need to wear too much makeup. Your skin will get an instant glow and radiance that equals healthy and well-hydrated skin.

You can easily make appointments online, and you will immediately see the results with even one skin hydration treatment. Let modern, noninvasive treatments come to your help so that you can enjoy fantastic-looking and feeling skin all over.

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