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Static Shielding Bags Uses

Static shielding bags are packaging materials that are designed to offer protection to ESD-sensitive items. These types of bags protect ESD-sensitive devices from static electricity damage. The inner layer of a static shielding bag is made of static dissipative polyethylene and then surrounded by an aluminum shielding layer. Aluminum shielding allows you to touch any ESD-sensitive items without any hazard of static damage. In between these layers, the bag contains an aluminum sheet. This extra sheet’s role is to protect against physical damage and static issues. The bag’s outer layer consists of a polyester layer which helps with the dissipation of static charges.

Many people consider that antistatic bags and static shielding bags are the same. However, an antistatic bag is a quite constructed packaging material. The antistatic bags will not generate a turboelectric charge. They are typically used to transport/store components in a static environment without exposing the contents to static discharge.

When it comes to ESD- sensitive products, they can only be stored/transported safely in such static shielding bags. On the other hand, antistatic bags only offer secondary protection and are best for transporting items/accessories/components that are not statically sensitive. Static shielding bags provide a double layer of protection: they prevent static electricity buildup and protect the bag’s contents from electrostatic damage. Antistatic bags only prevent the buildup of static electricity. Antistatic bags do not carry a charge.

Sometimes, as an additional layer of protection, moisture barrier bags need to be used on top of the static shielding bags. Typically, moisture barrier bags are needed as extra protection if the components are stored/transported in areas with excessive moisture. Microchips, motherboards, printed circuit boards, or graphic cards must be packaged in static shielding bags.

At Edco Supply Corporation, you can access a wide range of static shielding, antistatic, and moisture barrier bags. Select the right type of protective packaging for your items and get all the protection you need during storage and transportation.

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