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The Four Stages of Addiction

Addiction is quite a severe problem that can lead to havoc in someone’s life. Overcoming addiction is extremely challenging, but with addiction counseling Westchester NY it can be possible. Addiction has four main stages: physical addiction, emotional addiction, and mental and spiritual addiction.

First, there is “trying the substance”- whether we talk about alcohol or drugs. Some people can try drugs, for example, for the first time, and they will not go down the path of addiction. This is called experience, and they can walk away from the issue soon enough. However, many people develop an addiction if they continue after the first testing period. They create physical dependence (whether we talk about an activity or a substance).

The second phase involves already using the substance regularly and then going through substance abuse. When physical dependence sets in, people start using the importance regularly. People can use different meanings for different reasons- to cope with stressful situations, to feel good on an emotional level, etc. However, with regular substance use, abuse may set in. Then, there is only one step between substance abuse and addiction. It is essential to mention that not everyone who abuses a particular substance will also become addicted. Addiction counseling Westchester ny can help you better understand what addiction is and how you or someone dear to you can cope with the issue.

The third stage is what can be referred to as dependence and then tolerance. People who are addicted to a substance will need that substance regularly to feel well or feel “normal.” People have already developed tolerance to the given substance at this stage, so they will need to increase the dosage to achieve the same effects.

The fourth stage is called substance use disorder, where people cannot control the use of the drugs anymore, and they keep on using regardless of the harmful and destructive effects it has on their body and mind.

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