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Florida Food Handler Certificates

The Golden Rules of Food Preparation & Safety

Foodborne diseases happen because of improper food handling. Whether you think about food handling and preparation in the household or at a restaurant, the same rules must be respected. In case you are working in a restaurant or any other establishment where you need to handle food, you should check out the Florida Food Handler Certificates and programs available in Florida. At Ken Kuscher, you will have access to all the study materials and several food certifications certificates and programs that you can take.

So, what are the golden rules of safe food handling?

  • First, you need to select processed foods for safety- many foods are unsafe for human consumption unless they have been adequately processed. Indeed, we use fresh fruits and vegetables in their natural state, but we should use pasteurized milk instead of raw milk. Please keep in mind that processing helps prolong shelf-life and improves the respective food’s safety.
  • Always cook the food thoroughly=- meats, unpasteurized milk, fish, or eggs may be contaminated with different bacteria that can cause disease. Therefore, proper cooking of food items is essential. When you get your Florida Food Handler Certificates, you will also learn about the tips and tricks of safe food handling and preparation, and then you will have to sit for an exam at the end.
  • Store all cooked foods carefully- food needs to be stored hot (near or above 60 Celsius) or cold (at or below 10 degrees).
  • Always avoid cross-contamination- especially the contact between raw and cooked food. Even if you have thoroughly and safely cooked the food, but it comes into contact with some raw food, it can become contaminated(for example, if a piece of raw poultry comes into contact with the already cooked food)
  • Washing hands carefully and repeatedly- it is imperative to wash your hands before starting to prepare food, but also every time you will interrupt the process. Wash your hands thoroughly under running water for at least 30 seconds each time.

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