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The Most Common Causes of Electronic Components Failure

Everybody knows that electronic components are susceptible to external problems like moisture, temperature, stress, excess currents and voltage, among others. But these arenร”ร‡ร–t the only reasons why certain electronic components can fail. This article will take a look at what common problems can occur for failure to happen in these components. (Related:โ”ฌรกmoisture barrier bags,โ”ฌรกprotective packaging)

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The quality of the component will rely largely on the cost. In the world of manufacturing, you get what you pay for; if something seems very cheap, then likely the quality wonร”ร‡ร–t be great. For electronic devices, if the quality is not great, then it is more likely to fail. Components are specifically engineered to have a desired set of characteristics and, typically, cheaper components will vary with a much higher tolerance, and some devices are very sensitive so an imbalance can potentially cause problems to the circuit.

Suitability for Function

Is the component suitable for the function of the circuit? Often the desired component can be hard to get hold of, or it is no longer manufactured. So, you will need to find a direct replacement for that component. Often people use the wrong replacements (often integrated circuits) and problems tend to occur.

Poor Insulation from Environment

Depending on the use of the device, it may be needed in more strenuous conditions. If there isnร”ร‡ร–t suitable protection, the elements and other external variables may impact the functionality and potentially cause failure.

Physical Problems

Every single person has accidents with their electronic devices, even just the small ones like dropping a phone or spilling a drink on a laptop. But, sometimes, these things can damage the components, even when there is sufficient protection. Sometimes the force can be too much, or the liquids may enter the wrong places and cause considerate damage leading to failure.

Inadequate Protection

More common with the cheaper products, there just wonร”ร‡ร–t be a good level of protection, making the device very vulnerable to problems.

Faulty Components

Sometimes you may just be unlucky, even with the high-end components. Sometimes they can be faulty and, if they are not tested thoroughly, the faults can be missed.

These are the most common causes for electronic components to fail, which impact the functionality of the device they are incorporated in. Take into consideration these potential problems with your electronic devices you have now and the ones you will buy in the future.

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