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The Perfect Vintage Bedroom: Accents to Look For

When you design your bedroom you can never go wrong by opting for a classical or vintage style. The decoration process most probably starts with the selection of a bed. Historically-inspired luxury beds will bring a touch of unparalleled elegance and chic to your room. Vintage interior design has gained great popularity on the past few years, and classic or vintage dรฉcor can be very well incorporated into your bedroom. There are different types of beds that you can choose from, such as Hepplewhite, Chippendale, Federal style octagonal post beds, Fluted post beds and many more. Once you decided on the style/type of bed, you can start playing around with the accessories.

In order to create vintage look, you should think about different ornaments and accessories that have a classic, vintage-themed feel. For example, you can add more depth to the entire room by selecting a few smaller sized antique style mirrors that can be placed on the wall next to a few beautiful frames in the same style. Ornate mirrors look particularly beautiful on the walls, and they will gently illuminate the entire room with naturally reflected light.

For an extra elegant touch, you can opt for an armoire. The armoire is a wardrobe that is antique and also ornate sometimes with mirrors and different intricate details. If you are looking for historically-inspired luxury beds that are simple in design, you can complement the gap by selecting an armoire that is more intricate in details, yet one that matches well the color of the bed frame. You can also bring more glamour to your everyday life by opting for a beautiful vanity. The simple presence of a vanity in your bedroom will take you back in time, when getting ready in front of a mirror at the vanity table was a must.

Landscape paintings hung above your bed will lend a truly classic feel to your room, while scattering round pillows everywhere will add a comfy feel to your space. From historically-inspired luxury beds to a small shelf with a few vintage books, it is really only up to your imagination to create the most beautiful bedroom.

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