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Treatments for Skin Redness and Vascular Lesions

Vascular lesions represent specific skin lesions, such as spider leg veins or hemangiomas, which may not be harmful but unsightly. Today, you can have access to plenty of effective treatments for vascular clearance, and you can finally free your skin from redness and such lesions with the help of Viora Technologies. Some other common issues, such as facial Couperose or Rosacea, can appear on your body or face but can be successfully treated with Viora’s innovative treatments. These skin conditions are heavily influenced by age, gender, pregnancy, occupation, lifestyle issues, or hormonal imbalance. The most common reasons for vascular lesions are venous hypertension in the underlying varicose veins and blood flow problems.

Vascular lesions may be more or less prominent and can vary in depth, size, visibility, concentration, or origin. Viora’s innovative technologies can efficiently reduce these vascular lesions, and the doctor customizes each treatment to suit your exact needs and requirements. After an initial consultation, your doctor will know exactly what intensity to use and how many treatments you will need to eliminate the skin redness and unsightly vascular lesions.

Lifestyle tips for better vascular clearance:

  • For facial vascular lesions such as Rosacea, make sure to reduce your daily coffee intake and the consumption of alcoholic beverages. It would help if you also avoid exposure to extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) and don’t consume too many acidic foods, spicy foods, etc. Also, try to reduce stress and anxiety because these exacerbate the problem.
  • For better blood circulation, introduce regular physical exercise into your everyday schedule. Blood will start circulating better in your legs, so blood will begin to get pushed from where it is collected or concentrated in your veins. Regular exercise reduces high blood pressure, which is also a primary factor leading to varicose veins.
  • Reduce varicose veins by using compression stockings. These help by applying slight pressure to your legs to keep the blood flowing and moving upwards to your heart.


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