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Using Mil-Spec Packaging in Our Everyday Lives

Mil-spec packaging is the military’s standardization of packaging.  This is very important in the military, as it can help determine an item’s safety and integrity.  With proper protective packaging, items can arrive safely to their destination and can also be protected during long-term storage.  For those of you that aren’t involved with the military, you may be wondering why this information can be useful to you.  

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Although mil-spec packaging was created for the military, it can be used in our everyday lives as well.  We’re going to identify 3 different situations in which protective packaging can be used.

  1. To Protect Inventory – As mentioned, protective packaging is also used for long-term storage.  This means if you’re a business owner, then this can be a great help to you.  Even if you don’t own a business, if you have a lot of items stored in your basement or in a storage container, then you should make sure that they’re protected from humidity, ESD, and corrosion, to name a few.
  2. To Ship Items – Just because you’re not shipping military equipment overseas doesn’t mean that your packages don’t need protection.  Whether you’re fulfilling online orders or sending packages to your loved ones for the holidays, make sure to protect your packages.  The last thing you want is for them to arrive in bad condition.
  3. In Your Everyday Life – There are many items that are actually very useful in our everyday lives.  Consider military tape, for instance.  You can use military tape for so many different things, such as holding together oddly-shaped packages, tying together electrical cords, and even to make temporary repairs around the house.


Although mil-spec packaging was created for the military, it can also be utilized in our everyday lives.  To learn more about what products you can use in your home or in your business, contact an experienced distributor of protective packaging.

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