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What are the Most Common Kids Dental Procedures?

Bergen county nJ dental care for kid’s experts, focus on delivering the highest quality dental care for children. The experts specialize in providing specific kids dental care treatments. It is essential to mention that children need to see the dentist more frequently than adults because their teeth/gums/jawline is constantly developing, so more attention is required.

So, what are some of the most common dental care procedures for kids?

Dental fillings- one of the most common dental procedures performed by bergen county nJ dental care for kid’s experts is dental fillings. Kids’ teeth are highly exposed to decay, which can easily lead to dental cavities. Typically, dental cavities are treated fast with the help of dental fillings. The dentist will first numb the infected area, followed by the required dental drilling. Then, the tooth will be filled with appropriate materials (such as dental silver amalgam or ceramic porcelain). With the help of dental fillings, the tooth will be sealed, and thus it will not be exposed anymore to damage by bacteria, acids, and so on.

Dental cleanings- regular dental cleanings are essential from an early age. Home dental brushing cannot be compared to professional dental cleaning. Also, before the cleaning, the dentist will carefully examine the teeth and the gums to ensure everything is in order and no further treatments are needed. With dental cleanings, the dentist will remove any dental plaque that is harmful to the teeth.

Tooth extractions are another standard dental procedure for kids, especially when the tooth cannot be saved anymore. Therefore, preventative dental care is so critical! If the tooth becomes overly infected or if they grow excessively crowded, the dentist may need to perform an extraction. Pediatric dentists are highly experienced in managing children’s pain and anxiety levels before and during the extraction, so there is nothing that parents should worry about. Typically, the dentist performs localized numbing so the child will not feel anything during the procedure. For severely infected teeth that can be saved, the dentist may recommend a dental crown.

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