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What is a Clinical Decision Support System?

CDSS- or Clinical decision support system is a type of health information technology that offers healthcare providers and patients the necessary knowledge and in-depth information to enhance care on all levels. CDSS comprises a wide set of tools that help enhance decision-making and improve clinical workflow. These tools may include different alerts, computerized reminders, specific clinical guidelines, patient data records, diagnostic support tools, and important summaries. If you are looking for a reliable clinical documentation support system vendor, you should check Hiteks.com. Here, you will have access to a wide range of technologically advanced clinical software and tools and different training programs available for physicians.

Clinicians can deliver improved healthcare services to their patients thanks to the CDSS that efficiently combines health observations with practical health knowledge. A clinical decision support system can be regarded as a knowledge system that uses different modules and variables of patient information to deliver healthcare advice regarding a healthcare problem.

The main aim of a CDSS is to offer proper assistance to healthcare providers at the point of care. Healthcare providers constantly interact with a CDSS to review/analyze data and then reach a diagnosis based on this data. Older CDSS systems worked quite simply. The physician would input data into the system and then receive an answer or a suggestion based on that data.

Modern CDSS systems combine natural language processing and artificial intelligence to offer an even more efficient output. Also, in modern technology-based CDSS, the healthcare provider interacts with the system- uses his knowledge combined with the CDSS output to reach an even more natural and efficient decision.

According to several studies in the field, there are many modern-life medical conditions where the CDSS improved patient outcomes in the hospital setting. These conditions include blood glucose management, venous thromboembolism management, kidney injury prevention, pressure ulcer prevention, and other health conditions. CDSSs can improve healthcare provider performance by up to 70% and improve patient outcomes by a high percentage.


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