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What is Prescription Drug Abuse

What is Prescription Drug Abuse

Substances represent illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription medications, different solvents, and the substances known as “legal highs.” When most of these substances are used or overused, the person will change their behavior and how they feel, acts, or think. Substance abuse counseling Westchester NY therapists can help people with addiction regain control of their life and understand why using or misusing these substances greatly harms them. Misuse of different substances dramatically impacts a person on many levels- their health, well-being, psychological health, finances, perception of reality, and course, their ability to cope with everyday, regular tasks.

The impact of substance abuse has an effect well beyond that of the person misusing. It impacts the well-being and sanity of their family, children, coworkers, and friends. Unfortunately, prescription drug abuse is a more and more prevalent problem. Still, substance abuse counseling Westchester NY experts can help these people regain their self-confidence, admit the problem, and try to repair their life.

What is prescription drug abuse? It is when a person uses any prescribed drug for recreational purposes. Misusing prescription drugs can mean taking prescription medicine for a simple headache and overusing prescription medication to get high. Pain medications such as morphine, codeine, or methadone are generally abused. Other remedies include central nervous system depressants such as Valium or a stimulant such as Adderall.

Main signals of alarm that you may struggle with a prescription drug dependency:

  • Constantly asking for prescriptions before you even need them for health issues
  • Hiding the truth regarding your substance abuse
  • Noticing several symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, or even seizures- these are typical withdrawal symptoms.
  • Noticing specific changes in blood pressure or general appetite
  • Different problems on the financial spectrum, work problems, or even legal problems- as a direct result of substance abuse from prescription medication
  • Starting to take other types of medicines to relieve the side effects caused by a prescription drug
  • Not being able to reduce the dosage/ not being able to stop the usage of the prescription medications

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