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What is the Meaning of Ambulatory Care

Ambulatory care is the type of medical services healthcare professionals offer in outpatient settings. Most ambulatory care settings feature an ambulatory CDI that helps healthcare providers streamline their workflow and make more accurate and fast diagnoses.

Some outpatient settings include surgery centers, medical clinics, medical offices, hospital outpatient departments, and dialysis centers.

It is crucial to keep in mind that safe and quality ambulatory care requires very complex information management and care coordination. Here is where the ambulatory CDI makes a difference.

Prioritizing CDI in the ambulatory field of healthcare facilities is extremely important.

Nowadays, a vast number of medical procedures are transitioning to outpatient facilities. That happens thanks to minimally invasive surgical treatments and technological advancements.

An ambulatory procedure can be performed on patients without hospital admission. Hence, more patients prefer ambulatory care rather than going to the hospital. As a result, it is necessary to emphasize the management and workflow sectors more, which is best achieved through an ambulatory CDI.

What are the main benefits of outpatient CDI?

  • Documentation of every diagnosis must be precise. An effective CDI platform makes this possible
  • Accurate CPT code assessment
  • APC- Accurate Ambulatory Payment Classification
  • CDI represents the best platform that can offer high-quality clinical documentation for reimbursement. This is a crucial step to be able to receive accurate outpatient services reimbursement
  • Updated outpatient CDI will reduce the scope of payment denials which typically happen because of missing documentation
  • Better documentation of specific procedures and the proper support for observation services
  • Ambulatory CDI ensures better coordination and communication between the provider documentation and the coded data
  • More comprehensive health records for improved patient satisfaction and better patient safety

It is imperative to understand the workflow and organizational objectives and develop an ambulatory program that supports them well.

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