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What Type of Tape Do You Need?

There are many different types of tape out there and some have completely different characteristics than others. Some may be water resistant, double-sided, stronger sticking surface, stronger material, etc. This article will look at those different types of tapes and will give you the breakdown on each one so you can see which one which will be suitable for your needs. (Related topics: moisture barrier bags,โ”ฌรกprotective packaging, VCI Paper)

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This may not sound very beneficial to many because no matter who you are, you will know not to use military grade tape when wrapping a birthday present. But for those other uses, like securing something down in a specific environment or sending an important package, you may accidentally use the wrong choice of tape. This article will only look at the better-quality tapes which are commonly used on an industrial level, rather than basic adhesive or normal tape.

Masking Tape

This tape is very commonly found in many shops and it is very good. It is a type of pressure sensitive tape which is made from a paper that is easy to tear off. It is often used by painters to mark off areas which they do not want the pain to onto. It is also relatively easy to tear off when needed, which doesnร”ร‡ร–t make it very effective to secure something down or together. Premium grade masking tape may be a little bit stronger, but it still isnร”ร‡ร–t a suitable option to keep things stuck together.

PVC Tape

PVC tape is very strong and is able to withstand extreme weather and high voltages, which makes it perfect to be used for outdoor uses if you need to stick something together. It is made with PVC vinyl which has some give making it flexible but very strong.

Pressure Sensitive Tape

This tape is well coated, flexible and double-sided. It can stick to dry surfaces when pressure is applied. This type of tape reacts to the type of pressure applied, making very useful for an array of different uses. Pressure sensitive tape also comes in an array of different forms.

Filament Tape

Filament tape is used often for packaging to keep things closed and secure. The sticky surface is strong enough to withstand moderate pull, but not as strong as PVC. The tapes material is very strong due to how it is designed.

These are just some of the tapes found out there. There are others, but many are only for generic use, whereas these have much better characteristics.

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