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What you Can Expect in Couples Therapy

If this is your first time visiting a marital discord Eastchester licensed therapist, there are a few things you should learn about. The very first sessions of couples therapy will start with a standard interview, where the therapist will ask questions regarding the history of your relationship. Moreover, the therapist will also pose a few questions regarding the family history of each partner, some cultural background details and other such information. If needed, the therapist can also use crisis intervention during the first few sessions- but only if highly necessary.

Next, the marital discord Eastchester therapist will closely assist the partners in helping them identify more clearly the problem that will actually become the main focus of the following sessions. The therapist also sets treatment goals and objectives in each session. During each session of treatment, the therapist will also help the partners better understand the dynamics of their particular relationship, and help them gain insight into what is the role of each partner in this relationship and why their interaction is dysfunctional. Such an in-depth insight into the dynamics of the relationship will help the couple change the way they see their relationship and the way they see each other in this relationship.

Couples therapy mainly focuses on behavior. More exactly, the therapist will help the partners change their behavior towards the relationship and towards each other. Once a “common denominator” is found, the relationship will start working better and better. It is not uncommon for couples therapists to assign certain tasks or “homework” to the partners- these tasks need to be carried out outside the office sessions, so that the partners will continue working on their relationship at home.

Following the sessions, you will most certainly have a better understanding of your relationship pattern. Therefore, you will have the knowledge and the skills to communicate more efficiently, and then solve problems with greater ease. This will in turn lead to a smooth relationship and eventually help you get back on track with behaviors, feelings, and so on. Couples therapy can be extremely helpful, so do not hesitate to reach out to a therapist when needed.

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