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What You Need to Know About Septic Tanks

When you make a purchase, you usually want to know everything that there is to know about it.ย  This is especially true when it comes to big purchases, such as septic tanks.ย  You may have been hearing a lot about septic tanks lately, whether itโ€™s from your neighbor or your family members.ย  Although itโ€™s a great investment, you need to know more about it before choosing to purchase it.ย  Keep reading to learn more about them.

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What Are Septic Tanks & How Do They Work?

Septic tanks are onsite water treatment systems.ย  They are made up of three major parts, which is the tank, pipes, and drainfield.ย  In many cases, people who use septic tanks use them because they are not able to connect to the centralized sewage system – which is why theyโ€™re popular in rural areas.

These tanks work by collecting wastewater from your home and treating it.ย  When it is held in the tank, the solid waste will settle at the bottom, while the liquid will float to the top.ย  Inside the tank, there is naturally-occuring bacteria that will break down solid waste.ย  The liquid is then taken through the pipes and brought to the drainfield where it slowly releases the effluent to the soil.ย  As it trickles through the soil, it is cleansed and put back into the water table.


Types of Septic Tanks

There are different types of septic tanks that you can choose from, including concrete, polyethylene, fiberglass, and steel.ย  Each material has different prices and features.ย  For instance, concrete tanks are a popular choice because theyโ€™re affordable and durable.ย  Before choosing what type of tank you want, make sure to talk to a professional about your choices.


Septic Tank Maintenance

One of the advantages of septic tanks is that they donโ€™t require a lot of maintenance.ย  In general, they should get Poughkeepsie NY septic tank pumpingย and cleaning every 3 to 5 years.ย  If you donโ€™t, it could cause the tank to overflow, which can be dangerous to the environment.

When you get Poughkeepsie NY septic tank pumping, the professionals will also do a routine check to make sure that your tank is in great condition.ย  If you have any more questions about septic tanks, contact your local professional.

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