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What’s Copper Foil Tape?

When we think of military tape, we think of super durable tape that’s utilized in the military. Although this is true, we should also acknowledge that military tape can be used in everyday life as well. You may even have military tape in your drawer and not even realize it. There are many different types, including masking tape, filament tape, PVC tape, copper foil tape, and more. In today’s article, we’re going to focus on what copper foil tape is, as well as answer some of the frequently asked questions about it.

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What is copper foil tape?

Copper foil tape is a thin strip of copper that’s often backed with adhesive. This tape is also chemically resistant and conductive.


What does it mean to be chemically resistant?

This means that the copper foil tape is able to endure itself from chemical attacks for a certain amount of time. This means that it’s less likely to corrode.


What can copper foil tape be used for?

Many times, copper foil tape is used for electro-static shielding, cable wrapping, and stained glass work.


Can you solder to copper foil tape?

You can easily solder to it since it’s made of thin, pure copper. The tape can also carry current just like a wire.


How is it used for stained glass work?

The pieces of stained glass are wrapped in copper foil tape which is burnished to the sides. The pieces of glass are then soldered together to form the desired shape.


Where can I buy copper foil tape?

There are many places to buy this type of military tape. The best place to buy it, however, is directly from the manufacturer. These protective packaging companies sell copper foil tape, along with other types of tape. Before you place an order, talk with a customer service representative to make sure you’re purchasing the right military tape to fulfill your needs.

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