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Why Your Children Should See Their Pediatric Dentist Every 6 Months

You and your child probably have somewhat of a routine.  Whether it’s going to soccer practice every Saturday, meeting with their grandparents once a month, or eating at their favorite restaurant on Sundays, these routines are important.  When it comes to their health, one of the things that they should include in their routine is seeing the best pediatric dentist in Wyckoff every 6 months.  Keep reading to find out why it’s important.

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Removes Plaque Buildup

Even if your children are super responsible with brushing and flossing their teeth, it’s completely normal for plaque to build up in the mouth.  Although it’s normal, it’s important that it gets removed because it can lead to cavities.  That’s why one of the best ways to prevent cavities is to get this plaque removed every 6 months.


Identify Any Irregularities

The dentist will examine the teeth and take x-rays if necessary.  This will allow them to identify any irregularities that you may not have noticed.  For instance, when your child starts losing their teeth, the dentist will want to make sure that the other teeth are growing properly; if not, they could affect their other teeth.


Offer Advice

When your child is getting a checkup, take advantage of the opportunity to ask the dentist any questions that you may have.  You may want to know some of the possible reasons why they keep getting cavities, how to better take care of their teeth, or even how to get them excited about their hygiene.

If your child starts caring for their oral health at a young age, they are more likely to care about it for the rest of their lives.  Since oral care is a lifetime routine, they will be happy that they got in the habit of going to the best pediatric dentist in Wyckoff at a young age.

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