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3 Fun Facts About Anti-Static Bags

Protective packaging has become more and more popular over the years, not only to meet military specifications, but to help companies fulfill online orders.  Although there are many different types of packaging, one of the popular products is anti-static bags.  These bags are used to protect items from ESD and electrostatic fields.  For those of you that want to know more about anti-static bags, here are 3 fun facts.

Fact #1: Anti-static bags and static shielding bags are different

Many people refer to these two products as the same thing, but they are actually different.  Static shielding bags offer protection from static from the inside and the outside.  Anti-static bags, on the other hand, are used to put out a charge quickly, rather than protect against ESD.  Although different, both are great resources depending on what type of product you’re protecting.

Fact #2: Anti-static bags are classified in 3 levels

There are 3 levels that they can be grouped under:

  • Intimate packaging – Packaging that can safely come into contact with static-sensitive components.
  • Proximity packaging – Packaging that can enclose the product, but not come in contact with it.
  • Secondary packaging – Packaging that can be used for protection against physical damage during the shipping process.

Fact #3: They can be used for a wide range of products

When people think of anti-static bags, they usually think of electronic devices such as iPhones, laptops, and other handheld electronic devices.  Although that’s true, these bags are crucial for protecting other products such as missiles, explosives powder, micro circuits, semiconductors, thin film resistors, and associated airborne components.

If you want to learn more about anti-static bags and how your company can benefit from them, reach out to an experienced protective packaging company.

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