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The Purpose of Protective Packaging

We’ve all made a mistake or had an accident that we have to fix.  Maybe we sent our friends something and it arrived broken.  Maybe we kept our phones stored in the basement and when we tried to turn it on, we noticed that it had water damage.  These mistakes can be expensive, which is why we’ll ideally prevent them.  But how exactly can you do this?

This brings us to protective packagingProtective packaging are products that are made with the purpose of protecting a specific product from potential damage.  By taking preventative measures, a company or person can solve the problem before it happens.  This will also save them money, time, and a headache.

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The great thing about protective packaging is that it’s not only one product, it’s a wide range of products.  This is important, as every product has different threats.  For instance, let’s think about an iPhone.  The two main products that should be used to protect an iPhone are moisture barrier bags and anti-static bags.  The first product, moisture barrier bags, are used to protect items from water.  Anti-static bags, on the other hand, protect electronics from ESD and electrostatic fields.


From iPhones to construction materials to food, all products should use protective packaging.  Not only are they necessary during shipment, but also in storage.  The mistake that some people make is that once they receive an item, they stop trying to protect it from outside elements.  This can become a problem, as electrostatic fields, humidity in the air, or rust can occur anywhere.  


For this reason, it’s important to use protective packaging during shipment and storage.  For more information, contact your local manufacturer.

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