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5 Military Grade Products You Can Buy

When you think of the words military grade, you instantly think of rugged, efficiency and quality. The research and development of pretty much anything in regards to the military are very impressive. The best of the best and most of the time the technology used is years ahead of the typical domestic technology available in the shops. But what if the public has access to some of this amazing technology as well? Well, technically you canÔǪ. But at a heavy price! (Related:┬ámil spec┬ápackaging,┬áprotective packaging)

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If you crave to have some of these advanced and unique technologies and you are willing to dig deep in your pocket to possess your own military grade products, then look no further.

5) Phraselator

The Phraselator is a device that can allow you to speak into it, and it will translate into any other language you desire. Maybe a great holiday tool, but with a great cost of around $1500 on eBay.

4) IronKey

Maybe the most useful on the list, and also the cheapest. The IronKey is a memory stick designed with the purpose, not to be tampered with. If the wrong password is entered multiple times the device will self-destruct the data. If the device is tampered with, it will de-stabilize on purpose, leaving the data unusable. For a price of around $35, this is actually a very good buy.

3) Jaw Bone

The Jawbone is just like a Bluetooth headset. But unlike a standard Bluetooth headset, you can use this in almost any environment as the noise canceling is extraordinary.

2) Xplore XSLATE R12 Rugged Tablet PC

This device is a military grade tablet which will not crack on the floor like a standard tablet. Built to last and operate regardless of the impact received. Although not necessarily something a normal member of society would require, but at least you wonÔÇÖt crack the screen. It would set you back around $800.

1) The Delta Unit

To the standard eye, a remote-controlled toy. But this sneaky piece of technology is equipped with a live time, 360-degree surveillance camera. While the kids are up to no good in the garden, just drive the car up to keep an eye on them. Although this toy will cost almost $9000, at least you can show off in front of your friends.

(Related: mil spec packaging, protective packaging)

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