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6 Ways to Package Military Grade Products

When sending a package, you want to make sure that it arrives safe and sound to the desired destination. But when sending a package with military grade items inside, it is imperative that the contents are safe and secure and arrive completely unaltered. Depending on what the product is, there will likely be certain variables that it must stick within such as temperature, altitude, light, etc. This is why there are many different types of military-grade packaging, coming in many different materials, all designed with certain characteristics in mind. (Related: VCI paper, military tape, anti static bags)

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Here is a list for 6 different ways (in no particular order) to pack military products in a safe and secure manner:

6) Anti-Static Packaging

This packaging allows for contents to be safe from all static, removing all possibilities for a reaction to the item, whether the item is electrical or explosive.

5) Desiccant Bags

Used to absorb moisture, odors, and chemicals to keep the contents inside safe and secure. Usually used for food packages, electronics and other types of machinery.

4) Moisture Barrier Bags

Used to keep out moisture, water, grease, oxygen, electrostatic discharge, ultraviolet rays and many more. Used for a variety of different packages.

3) VCI Bags (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor)

VCI bags are treated with specially engineered chemicals to prevent corrosion to the product. The product will be completely wrapped in the film/sheet. Usually for metal items to stop corrosion.

2) Protective Packaging

More generic than the other military-grade packages. Protective packages offer more support for products that donÔÇÖt desire set conditions but are in fragile to an extent.

1) Military Tape

Although it is not something to package your item with, military tape has multiple uses and if you need a special tape to secure the package with desired characteristics, military tape is a suitable option.

(Related: VCI paper, military tape, anti static bags)

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