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About Dental Braces for Kids

Nowadays, more and more children require treatments with dental braces. However, for children getting braces is not something they are ashamed about. Many regard wearing braces as a rite of passage between childhood and teenage years. If your child needs braces, you should not worry because the best kids dentist franklin lakes will answer all your questions.

The truth is that dental braces represent a much more common treatment than it was several decades ago. The increased demand for braces is sadly given by factors such as diets extremely high in sugar and reduced fluoride intake. If you believe your child needs braces, make sure to get an appointment with the best kids dentist franklin lakes, and there you can discuss all your concerns. It would help if you remembered that children could wear braces for a vast range of dental problems, such as teeth that are overcrowded, underbite issues, or overbite problems. So how do you know that your child should see an orthodontist? If you notice that your child struggles to bite and chew food correctly, if there is constant thumb sucking involved, if the teeth look overcrowded, if the jaws protrude or recede or if you notice that your child has teeth that do not meet or that they meet in an abnormal manner in the mouth.

If your child must wear braces, your dentist will certainly refer you to an orthodontist for further treatment. The orthodontist is the dental expert specializing in correcting dental alignment issues. Therefore, the orthodontist will decide if your child requires dental braces or some other type of treatment to deal with the problem.

Typically, dental braces are most common among teenagers or kids in their preteen years. However, experts highly recommend that a child visit an orthodontist much earlier to ensure that everything is developing well. Experts say that parents should take their child to the orthodontist for the first time around the age of 7 because this is when any malocclusion or overcrowding of the teeth can be easily spotted and treated in time.

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