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Quick Guide to Fluoride Treatments

One of the most frequent questions parents ask during a child’s first dental visit is whether they should get fluoride treatments. The pedodontist saddle river will always answer all your questions or concerns, so do not hesitate to ask questions when you take your child for a dental visit. Pediatric dentists, in general, used to tell parents they should wait for the first fluoride treatment until the child was older. Still, today parents are advised to introduce fluoride in small amounts as soon as the child starts a dental care regimen.

Fluoride is the best fighter against dental cavities, and regular use significantly reduces the risk of dental caries in children. According to AAPD (American Association of Pediatric Dentists), children should use fluoride as soon as they brush their teeth. Several studies have shown that fluoride is one of the best agents for treating dental cavities. The pedodontist saddle river will also teach you that there are several ways in which you can introduce fluoride to your child’s regimen. First, there is the tap water which is fluoridated. Then, with the help of fluoride toothpaste. However, small kids should use only a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste, and parents should supervise brushing and ensure they spit the toothpaste properly.

Parents are the ones who make the ultimate decision whether their children will use fluoride or not. Some parents prefer the use of xylitol which is an alternative to fluoride. To make a well-informed decision, talk to your child’s dentist about how you should introduce fluoride into your child’s regimen.

To ensure a beautiful and healthy smile for your child, you should ensure they follow a healthy diet and careful brushing using fluoride twice a day. You must mention that you can schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist as soon as your child turns 1. Ensure that your child gets all the care needed for a healthy smile. Contact the pedodontist today and schedule the next dental checkup for your child.

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