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About Septic Tank Pumping

Approximately 1 in 4 households across the US have a septic tank system. These types of systems are mainly available throughout the rural areas, where municipal sewer service is not as prevalent. Regular sewage treatment facilities will have the household waste pumped through a sewer mains right towards the treatment facility. However, a septic tank will pump these household liquids and solids from the house and right into a drain field towards the septic tank located underground. Regular septic pumping Stormville ny is extremely important because an overspill can lead to a disastrous scenario in the house and outside.

Septic tanks typically hold the waste so that the solid materials will settle at the bottom of the tank. Grease, oil, solid waste matter and other liquids and solids are kept at the bottom. Thanks to the activity of certain bacteria, the solid waste will start breaking down, with the result that a sludgy type of matter will be created that remains at the bottom of the tank. As these solid types of wastes start breaking down, they will also be reduced in volume over time. The container of a septic tank is generally made of several materials, including fiberglass, concrete and polyethylene. This tank is buried in the ground and it keeps performing its job of collecting waste material for long periods of time, but regular septic pumping Stormville ny is extremely important- experts agree that owners should pump their tank at least once every 2 years, or even more often if you have a large household with more people living there.

The septic tank is equipped with an inlet pipe and this is where the waste will enter the tank from the sewer pipe of the home. The tank also has an outlet pipe which will allow for all the waste to flow into the drain field. The top of the septic tank is located just below the surface of the ground, without any visible components, except for the manhole cover used for inspections and for giving access to the emptying of the tank with special machinery.

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