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Why Would you Need Desiccant Bags?

Desiccant bags represent very simple, yet overlooked packaging items. They represent a highly economical solution that helps preventing moisture formation in any enclosed package. Therefore, if you are a business owner who needs to send often packages to customers around the world, you would benefit greatly of such desiccant bags. Especially if you are sending items that are sensitive to moisture damage, these desiccant bags will ensure that all items will reach the end customer in perfectly dry condition.

Moisture can have a highly ruining effect on so many items. This is why desiccant bags are so valuable in offering the required protection to these items. Moisture can damage items to such an extent that mildew, mold or rust will ultimately appear on these items. If you choose to seal the items inside the packaging with an appropriate desiccant, you will protect the items from moisture damages. Moreover, you can actually extend the shelf life of so many products by using desiccant bags.

  • Desiccants help reducing humidity levels inside any sealed package.
  • Desiccant bags start absorbing humidity immediately as they are placed inside packaging
  • Certainly, the capacity of absorption is highly dependent on the humidity levels in the air. This is why you should choose the appropriate type and style of desiccant packaging for your items.
  • Desiccant pack are often used in container shipments to protect different goods

Desiccant bags are available in a great variety of shapes, sizes and styles. There are standard bag sizes available but also custom tailored shapes and styles that you can order. Then, you can opt for heat-sealed desiccant bags, string-sewn bags or netted bags. The string sewn bags are made with a non-woven strap and they represent the ideal solution to protect items from rust formation or corrosion. These are typically used for large sized items. The netted bags offer protection to products that have a powdered texture or for different food items.

In case you do not know which type of desiccant bag or pack to choose, talk to the experts at Edco Supply Corporation. They will help you select the right type of packaging for your application.

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