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Couples counseling in Yonkers

Affordable & Professional Couples Therapy

Couples counseling, or marriage therapy is a branch of psychotherapy where a licensed therapist offers help to people involved a romantic relationship, who are facing certain problems. Therapists help greatly with resolving conflict and also help improving the relationship satisfaction. A couples counseling Westchester ny therapist will utilize several therapeutic interventions in order to achieve good results. Couples therapy focuses on several issues, including:

  • Therapeutic focus on a given problem- such as jealousy, sexual difficulties, addiction, anger, intimacy related issues, and so on
  • The therapist will establish clearly the treatment objectives in helping couples regain balance in their life
  • Quite often the therapist will actively participate in treating the relationship itself rather than offering counseling to each person involved separately

Couples counseling Westchester ny– what to expect on your first session?

When you first arrive to the office of the therapist, your session will typically begin with a sort of an interview. Here, the therapist will ask a set of standard questions about your relationship and about why you consider things are not going in the right direction. The therapist will then continue by trying to gain insight into the dynamics of the relationship itself, and try to explain to each individual what their main role is in that relationship. Such a detailed insight into the dynamics of the relationship will help the individuals change their view upon their relationship and upon the way they regard each other.

Through couples therapy, the therapist will put a great focus on trying to change behavior. It is not uncommon for therapists to assign certain tasks or “homework” to the individuals involved, who will try to apply all the skills learned throughout the therapy sessions. They will apply these skills in their every-day interactions and then next time when they arrive to therapy the counselor will perform a follow up to see how things changed, or if the relationship improved in any way.

Couples counseling is extremely beneficial for couples facing certain challenges. Individuals will learn more about the true dynamics and main pattern of their relationship and they will learn how to better manage their relationship.

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