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Depression: What is it & Some Natural Remedies

Depression is so much more than just feeling sad. Clinical depression can lead to more and more serious problems, and therefore depression counseling Tuckahoe ny is so important. A therapist will help you get out of the loophole efficiently, without endangering your health and well-being any further.

Depression can be caused by genetic factors or it can be caused as the aftermath of a stressful event. There are several types of depression available including postpartum depression, major depression, seasonal affective disorder, and others. Also, depression can be classified as mild, moderate or severe.  Your depression counseling Tuckahoe ny therapist will help every step of the way- from diagnosis and up to getting better.

People with depression typically encounter feelings of sadness, withdrawal from social life, weight loss or weight gain, contemplating suicide and other such complex feelings. This is why proper counseling is so important- it can help you get back on track with your daily activities and life so that you will not have to suffer prolonged periods because of depressive states. Unfortunately, people with severe major depression can also display psychotic symptoms.

There are several types of natural remedies that can help aiding depression. For example, research proves that Omega 3 supplements taken with antidepressants have a benefic effect (compared to taking only the antidepressants). Therefore, start consuming foods rich in Omega 3 such as fatty fish and nuts, and take a good supplement.

Physical exercise is yet another free, natural remedy that helps greatly with depression. Even if you manage only to walk about 30 minutes every day around the block, it is better than no exercise at all. Through exercise, the body releases dopamine- fueling your brain with only positive emotions. Dopamine helps fighting of successfully feelings of anxiety and depression.

Good quality sleep is yet another natural remedy for depression. Ensure that you get good quality sleep each night- don’t oversleep, but don’t sleep too little either. 8 hours of restful sleep is what your brain needs to function well. Ask your physician for over the counter sleep pills if you have trouble sleeping because of your depression.

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