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Antique Reproduction Ceiling Mounts

Antique reproduction ceiling mounts have become extremely popular because they recreate a clean floor-to-ceiling space. With no chandeliers protruding, you will create a beautiful sense of clean and clear space in your home, while enjoying outstanding lighting quality throughout the home. When you shop around for fixtures and lighting sources, you should understand the different types of mounts available.

For example, the surface-mounted antique reproduction ceiling mounts will sit on the top of a flat wall surface (such as the ceiling). These types of surface munts are known as ceiling mounts. There are some surface mount lights available that are attached to the ceiling with the help of a fixed part of a chain. There are many types and shapes of ceiling mounts available, and these types of mounts are ideal for spaces where you do not have too much space between the ceiling and the dropdown part of the ceiling. Or, they are perfect for areas where the ceiling part is exposed.

Then, there are the ceiling-mounted lights available- such as the semi-flush and the flush-mounted ones. The flush-mounted lights will come without a “space” between the fixture and the ceiling part. On the other hand, the semi-flush ceiling mounts will feature a small “gap” between the fixture itself and the ceiling part. When we talk about semi-flush ceiling mounts, they are similar in form and function to the pendant fixtures. However, the semi-flush fixtures will not hang as much as a pendant. You should opt for flush mounted or semi-flush mounted ceiling lights in case your room features a low ceiling for example because these will take up very little space and will not protrude too much from the ceiling.

There are also the pendant-mounted fixtures available, which hang from the ceiling. The fixture itself is suspended using a static fixture or a chain or any other type of accessory (cords, chains, metal rods, etc.). Such lighting fixtures will allow the light to be diffused straight down, and they are perfect for a room with a higher ceiling to create a sort of balance between the floor and the high ceiling.

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