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Consider These Tips When Painting your Garage Door

Think of your garage as an extension of your house. Your garage structure, color, and feel should match the structure and architecture of your house. When it comes to the most popular color for rhinecliff garage doors, it is safe to say- white. This color blends in beautifully with almost any house architecture, and you cannot go wrong by painting your garage door white. The color will help nicely balance the design of your house.

If you choose to paint your garage door white, you will create a uniform and nice overall appearance. A white garage door is chic and classy, so if you cannot decide what color to choose, white is the safest option. Many homeowners wonder if they should paint their garage door the same color as their house. Well, you should paint it in the same color, but only if your home is decorative- meaning it has plenty of décor items on the walls and in the structure of the home itself (shutters, blinds, façade decorations, etc.). This way, your garage door will blend in nicely with the decor without creating an unpleasant clash of designs and colors.

In case your house is tan-colored (vinyl, stone, stucco, etc.), one beautiful and the greatly appealing color is red. Paint your garage door in red with confidence because it will add a nice touch of color. If you are not that bold, you can opt for brown which will look the same great on rhinecliff garage doors. For brick houses, where the facade of the home is multi-colored you should opt for the most prominent color on the façade. So, for example, if the brick on the face of your home has many hues of white, then choose white for the garage door. If, the most prominent hue is brown, then paint your garage door in brown. This way, you will create a very clean and stylish finish for the overall appearance of your house and garage. Always spend some time thinking about what your entire home will look like if you choose this or that color.

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