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Are Static Shielding Bags Necessary?

The role of the static shielding bags is to prevent static electricity buildup. In other words, these bags do have anti-static properties, but in addition they also offer protection against electrostatic discharge. Unfortunately, many tend to use the terms static shielding and anti-static interchangeably. However, the two types of packaging solutions have different properties.

Static shielding bags are created with multiple layers that form what is known a “Faraday cage” effect. This will help protecting the contents of the bags from electrostatic discharge. The first layer of the bag is made of a dissipative type of polyethylene which is then coated with an aluminum shielding layer. The next layer contains polyester and the outer is made of dissipative coating with a static effect. It is important to understand that anti-static shielding bags provide protection from static discharges both within the packaging and outside of it.

Anti-static bags will provide protection only against the static energy buildup. Therefore, these types of materials will not offer protection from electrostatic discharge. Of course, the exact type of packaging you need highly depends on the types of products you need to package and where you have to ship them. For example, the US military requires that all sorts of electronic components must be packaged using static shielding bags and materials. Here, we can include items such as hard drives, different sound cards, circuit boards and other such electronic equipment and accessories.

In case you are storing and typically shipping products and electronic components that can easily become damaged by static, you need to use such static shielding bags. Also, you can use simpler anti-static bags for packaging any non-static sensitive parts and components. If you are not sure what type of packaging you need for storing/shipping your items, you can ask the experts at Edco Supply Corporation. They have a vast experience in the field of protective packaging. They can offer everything you need from simple packaging and up to high standard mil-spec packaging solutions. Rest assured that here you will find all the necessary packaging types in all needed shapes and sizes. Contact the experts today and they will redirect you towards the best solution for your needs and requirements.

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