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Creative Ways to Use Desiccant Packs in Everyday Life

Desiccant packs also known as silica gel packs are mainly used to absorb moisture and maintain things dry. We can find small sachets with silica gel in new shoes or in the pockets of our new leather jacket. Manufacturers typically add these desiccant packs to all sorts of products in order to help keeping them dry and keep damages at bay (such as mold formation for example).

Let’s see some surprising ways in which we can use and reuse these desiccant packs in everyday life

Save your phone from water damages. It is quite useful to have a handful of such silica gel packs in your drawer. If you accidentally drop your phone into the water, or if you accidentally splash it with water a good idea is to introduce the phone into a bag filled with such desiccant packs. They will absorb efficiently the moisture. Make sure to leave the phone/components inside the bag for at least 24 hours.

Desiccant packs can help keeping your collectibles in a very good condition. For example if you collect baseball cards or other paper-based memorabilia, you should use such desiccant packs to ensure no moisture will damage them.

Keep your documents safe and protected- Keeping your important documents in drawers and boxes is a good idea, to keep them dust free. But if you want even more protection, simply throw a few desiccant packs inside those boxes to ensure no moisture will enter and damage your documents.

Desiccant packs for your basement- the basement is a location prone to moisture buildup. Therefore, you should scatter around a few desiccant packs in key spots (inside storage boxes, toolboxes, containers with clothes, toys, etc.)

You can also preserve your rarely used items with silica gel packs. For example, you could put a few desiccant packs in the box where you keep your Christmas decorations or your Halloween stuff. Remember that these decorations come out of the box only once a year, so you need to preserve them well.

Desiccant packs also work well to remove musty and rancid smell from different items. If some of your favorite books have such a smell, you can put them in a bag with desiccant packs and store them this way for a period. The smell will be shortly gone!

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