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Benefits Of Doing Puzzles

When you have children, you must think of how to fill their time so that they donโ€™t get bored.ย  Some children love to cook with their parents, some play sports, and others love reading.ย  Aside from these, many families play games together because itโ€™s not only fun, but itโ€™s an excuse to do something as a family.ย  One of the activities that you may do together are puzzles.ย  Although puzzles are a fun activity to do in your free time, many people donโ€™t realize the advantages that it has for themselves and their children.

Mental Exercise

Puzzles are a complete brain exercise since it works both the right and left side of the brain.ย  The right side (in charge of creativity, emotions, intuitive thinking) must communicate with the left side (logical and objective side) to increase cognitive function.

Attention to Detail

Puzzles force you to pay attention to every small detail, such as the shape of the piece, the changes in colors, stripes, and everything else.ย  This skill is something that your children can use throughout their entire lives.

Improves Problem-Solving Skills

There are different approaches that your children will have to take to solve the puzzle; itโ€™s a lot of trial and error.ย  This, however, causes them to change their perspective when completing the puzzle.

Enhances Teamwork

When you and your kids do a puzzle together, you all have to work together to reach the final result.ย  This includes communicating, finding space for each other, dividing up the work, and helping each other when youโ€™re stuck on a piece.

Boosts Memory

When you look for a piece, you have to search among all the pieces to find the color, shape, and design that fits the image that you have inside your head.ย  This helps to boost short-term memory.

At Big Apple, we have years of experience in academic tutoring services in Manhattan.ย  Through the years, weโ€™ve found that itโ€™s important to not only to study with our private tutors in NYC, but to also incorporate activities (such as puzzles) that are fun, while also being mental exercises.ย  If you and your kids have extra free time at home, donโ€™t forget to enjoy a puzzle together.

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