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Calling all newcomers: Tips for Military Packaging

If youÔÇÖre doing business with the government, itÔÇÖs normal to feel overwhelmed due to the stressful processes you must undergo to get things moving. But you can find some relief by looking at the tip compiled in this article, which will help you achieve military packaging excellence.


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ÔÇó Remember that itÔÇÖs very important that you get familiar with these documents: the DLA Troop Support Provisioning & Clauses – review Contracting Data and the DLA Aviation Provisioning & Clauses – review Contracting Data, which include Master Solicitations.

ÔÇó You will also need the ÔÇ£Basic Military Packaging StandardsÔÇØ documents to learn how to get things started. You can visit the Defense Logistics Agency website and dig for that info in their military packaging specifications, standards and manuals web page. The DLA Packaging Documents on the site include palletization and special packaging instruction documents.

ÔÇó Additionally, we recommend you to receive appropriate training if your really want to succeed. That will be the secret to your success. Keep in mind that many universities offer Packaging Engineering degrees and Military Schools also offer packaging courses for contractors, Government and Military personnel.
You can also find free training at Procurement Technical Assistance Centers within your State. Some of the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime TKO seminars on Doing Business with the Government include sessions on Military Packaging and free OSHA Hazard Communication Training.

ÔÇó There are also plenty of helpful resources out there to help you accomplish your goals. You can get in touch with the Defense Logistics Agency Business Counseling Centers calling their number (1-800-262-3272) or check the inks to vendors programs, related sites, and publications on the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime website. On the site, you will also have information on why Military Packaging necessary, an acquisition guide titled, DoD Packaging Guidebook and another guide on how you can decode the military packaging requirements. You can also learn what the most common OCONUS errors are and avoid costly mistakes.

ÔÇó Get information about special heat treatment and marking requirements for wood boxes and pallets used to shipped materiel to European destinations and the penalties for non-compliance, barcoding and the cost for non-compliance on the military packaging or marking of a shipment.

ÔÇó Learn who you may call for packaging assistance, and where you can purchase bar code software and equipment or military grade packaging materials from local suppliers

ÔÇó According to the Defense Logistics Agency, if this is your first Government contract with military packaging, here’s what they strongly recommend you to do:

– We highly recommend you establish a packaging program at your facility. The first step to establishing a packaging program is to train your staff on military packaging. For extensive training or available correspondence courses, contact the Ammo School packaging classes (1-918-420-8813). Check out our training web page for their contact information.

– During this time of acquiring training and establishing a good quality packaging program, we recommend your company utilize a Military Packaging House to avoid delaying contract fulfillments and/or incurring any additional costs for non-compliance. To locate a military packaging house, call your local DCMA.

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