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Packaging breakthroughs in the beauty industry Pt 1.

The packaging industry has a direct impact in every sector of the retail industry and its supply chain, and the beauty industry is not an exception. In fact, advances in the military packaging industry have helped further packaging breakthroughs in the makeup and beauty industries.

New tools such as application sponges and customizable cosmetics are leveraging the advances and innovations in the packaging space to please consumers. These innovations come from all over the word and henceforth, military grade packaging plays a key role in the distribution of beauty products across the world.


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Whilst the main purpose of packaging is to contain and protect a certain product, it also fulfills a second purpose: further the branding efforts and distribution control dynamics of the company that produces the products. Looking to the levers of innovation for the next two years, three have been identified: Sustainability, Ergonomics, and Protection and Transportation.

Makeup and beauty tools are particularly important and as these tools evolve, so does their packaging, incorporating materials that are resistant and offer protection whilst remaining flexible and aesthetically attractive. Additionally, biodegradable bubble wrap along with other protective packaging materials are being integrated into the beauty products supply chain in order to maintain the industry quality standards and offer the consumers alternatives that align better with their lifestyle.

In terms of functionality, packages that contain and apply are another great tendency for cosmetics and, in the world of tube and applicators, a great diversity can be found with integrated pumps that allow adjustable side actuation and continuous formula dispensing.

Following the same line of thinking, crossover packaging is also being used in the beauty industry as packaging from different fields (food, military, and pharmacy) is employed to deliver innovative systems for use with cosmetics. Additionally, moisture barrier materials and anti-static shielding are being used in the packaging of certain cosmetics and beauty tools and devices.

The cosmetic industry is a real innovative factory always in flux for offering dreams and pleasures to its user, and helping to create an ideal world of beauty. Efficiency should not be forgotten and all the new active products and ingredients, as well as new materials and forms, are perfectly represented in the cosmetic sector.

Preserving and improving this beauty capital that is so important in our image-centric world is a huge challenge that seems to be brilliantly successful partly because of innovative packaging

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