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CDI Services for Enhanced Workflow and Reimbursement

CDI services are used in hospital facilities, medical practices, and different health systems (private clinics, for example). The role of a CDI is to improve documentation accuracy. Still, it also helps with a more accurate healthcare reimbursement. Correct clinical documentation is essential because it can help deliver more precise diagnoses and treatments, which translates into fewer days in the hospital.

  • CDI helps improve coding accuracy to optimize the reimbursement process. For example, CDI services are comprehensive and help you minimize the chance of denied claims.
  • With the help of CDI services, healthcare experts can identify different trends and see general growth and improved workflow. The implementation of CDI programs also helps with the identification of various gaps in procedure and diagnoses
  • With a CDI you can always ensure the level of services offered is appropriately recorded for future reference.
  • Optimize revenue with the help of a CDI program- improve clinical documentation and identify any missing/incomplete charts.
  • Cdi helps reduce the impact of a negative cash flow at the healthcare facility.
  • Cdi helps improve overall staff productivity.

The implementation of CDI services may sound quite an overwhelming task. However, providers of CDI solutions will always work closely with your staff to educate them on how to address specific issues and fix them. Professional training is key to successfully implementing and using a CDI program at your facility.

Coding errors can be resolved faster because you can inform your staff in real time about any missing or incomplete charts. By addressing these issues as quickly as possible, you will improve the revenue cycle and cash flow. CDI programs also help physicians with better medical decision-making by allowing them to promptly identify coding trends, and specific gaps in the diagnosis, among others.

The best CDI service providers will also offer program development, training, and consulting services to help optimize staff productivity and to enhance clinical documentation. With the help of the support staff, your team can get the assistance it needs to implement the best possible practices for documentation and querying.

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