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The Main Benefits of a CDI Program in the Inpatient Field

CDI services have gained tremendous popularity in hospital settings and across medical practices and private clinics. Physicians and specialized staff acknowledge by now the importance and usefulness of a clinician documentation program. CDI improves billing and coding accuracy for the inpatient facilities, which instantly results in a more accurate reimbursement cycle. Indeed, the impact of the inpatient CDI does not stop at the initial payment of claims aspect. Claims submitted improperly/erroneously because of poor available documentation may easily lead to audits that can negatively impact the institution. This, in turn, can lead to the healthcare facility having to pay a fine or return the money collected from the payer. In some cases, both scenarios can apply, and this is where implementing a cdi program can make a huge difference.

Regarding claims processing and healthcare reimbursement, CDI improves the accuracy of the first reimbursement and helps prevent costly issues for the healthcare facility. CDI experts can also stop all types of improper reporting and ensure patients have the most accurate diagnosis in their medical records. One of the most significant benefits of an inpatient CDI program is to help prevent all types of unsupported diagnoses from being reported through a claim.

For healthcare reimbursement, a CDI program can genuinely make a difference. Moreover, a CDI can also improve patient care. Poor medical records can negatively impact patient care in a healthcare setting. This also translates into a lower quality of patient care because of the insufficient medical data available. CDI helps enhancing better communication between all the healthcare providers who are involved in the care of the patient, and this results in:

  • Being able to provide the most targeted care for the patient
  • Communication between providers promptly
  • Reduces length of stay for the patient because the diagnosis is more accurate, and the treatment will be targeted and precise

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