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Cellulite Reduction Treatments

Laser cellulite reduction treatments give wonderful results, and they are non-invasive. The treatment sessions usually do not last too long, and you can achieve superior results when compared to other types of interventions (like taking medications, using gels and creams, massage and other such methods).

So what is cellulite? Cellulite is a harmless type of skin issue that leads to flesh that looks dimpled or quite lumpy. Cellulite typically appears on the thighs, the abdomen, or the buttocks. Most women struggling with cellulite will try to enhance the appearance of their skin through different methods- from diet changes, to exercise, to massage and different creams.

It is important to understand that you do not have to see the doctor if you have cellulite. It is a harmless condition, nevertheless any woman wants beautiful, smooth and glowing skin on their body. There are laser cellulite reduction treatments available which can help a great deal. All you have to do is get a consultation and the doctor or the laser technician will inform you about the type of treatment that would best work in your case.

Some other types of treatments available for cellulite reduction include:

  • Cryolipolysis- this is also called Cool Sculpting. The fat that can be found beneath the skin is gradually reduced with a sort of vacuum suction device. Typically, several treatments are needed in order to get results, and these results will start showing only after about 3 to 4 months.
  • Surgery- this is an invasive type of solution. The doctor typically offers several methods that you can choose from. For example, there is the fat grafting method that improves skin appearance, or other types of interventions using blades or needles in order to smooth the skin by separating the fibrous bands right under the skin.

It is important to note that insurance does not cover cellulite treatments. Laser cellulite treatments give good results with a relatively small investment and they are non-invasive. Surgery on the hand is an invasive method that may come with complications such as bleeding beneath the skin or prolonged pain.

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