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The Role of Clinical Decision Support Software

Clinical decision support software offers timely and accurate information to help providers make decisions regarding patient care. These clinical decision support systems can efficiently improve patient outcomes and quality health care. CDS tools/software aids and timely information at the point of care.

The clinical decision support software and systems aid clinical teams by warning of specific issues (such as high blood pressure, for example), taking over some routine tasks, or offering straightforward suggestions that the healthcare team should consider for the patient’s benefit. Some examples of CDS tools include health/intervention recommendations, given sets created for typical conditions or certain types of patients, or entire databases that will offer meaningful information relevant to specific patients. CDS system will also make reminders regarding preventive care or send an alert regarding a potentially dangerous situation. CDS systems help improve overall efficiency, and they can lower overall costs.

A CDS system can also address two or three aspects/ issues simultaneously. For example, the CDS can inform the clinician about a potential duplicate test the patient will get. CDS is typically used across different platforms- such as a personal computer, a handheld device, or an electronic medical record.

A good CDI system is highly user-friendly and fully computerized. It is also easily maintained, updated, and capable of working on various platforms. CDS also encourages patient/provider communication. Today, CDSS systems represent a significant shift in healthcare. They are typically used to help clinicians with their complex decision-making process. CDSS systems have seen an extremely rapid evolution since they were implemented over three decades ago.

In CDS, specific patient characteristics are directly matched to a clinical knowledge database, and then the software will present patient-specific recommendations and assessments for the clinician. This will help the clinician make a faster and more accurate decision based on the data presented by the CDS. The physician combines his expertise and knowledge with the suggestions and information provided by the CDS.

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