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Avoiding a Septic Tank Overflow

Cleaning Products You Can Use in a Septic Tank

Septic tanks are considered ecologically friendly systems and work perfectly as long as they are properly maintained. Septic tanks transform waste into sludge, which can be treated at home or by the company that empties your septic tank – such as the septic pumping lagrange ny experts. It is essential to remember that your septic tank may quickly cease to function properly if you use certain chemicals and cleaners.

The bacteria and different microorganisms that form in the septic tank are essential because these will naturally break down the waste allowing the septic tank to function correctly. If you continuously use different cleaning products and harsh chemicals, you will kill these bacteria, and your septic tank does not work well anymore. The best thing to do is to ask the septic pumping lagrange ny experts what chemicals you are allowed to use and what you need to avoid.

Drain cleaner is one of the most dangerous types of chemicals you should be careful with. Generally, drain cleaners are safe for septic tanks, but you should always double-check the label or ask an expert to see if you can use it. The solid drain cleaners or the ones that make foam can ultimately damage your septic tank system. For example, if you are struggling with waste pipe blockage in your kitchen, try to use boiling water and avoid using chemicals.

Also, you should never attempt to clean your septic tank or pipe because this may be dangerous. Always contact the septic services near you to perform this task professionally. Overusing cleaning products does not harm your septic tank, so be careful with them. If a certain substance is harmful to people, it will also damage the bacteria in your septic tank. Maintaining the bacteria in your septic tank is essential because the system can only function well if the bacteria are present.

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