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How to Take Care of your Septic System

When it comes to septic maintenance, it is essential to remember that regular maintenance is primordial. Septic maintenance is not expensive and is something highly skilled experts should perform. Contact septic pumping Stormville NY, experts and schedule your routine maintenance with them. The professionals will inspect your premises to ensure everything is in order. If needed, they will perform any repairs or maintenance jobs so your septic system will function properly and safely.

  • Make sure to inspect tour septic pump regularly
  • Always use water efficiently
  • Always dispose appropriately of waste
  • Maintain your drain field correctly

On average, household septic systems should be inspected every two years. Septic pumping Stormville NY experts will carry out this inspection and ensure everything works properly at your premises. Those septic systems considered alternatives with electrical float switches or specific mechanical components should always be inspected more frequently than regular systems. Alternative septic tank systems have different mechanized parts, so more frequent inspection is required.

How often should you pump your septic system? This heavily depends on various factors, such as the number of people living in your household, the total volume of the wastewater generated, the size of the septic tank, or the volume of solids in the septic wastewater. Whenever you contact a septic pumping Stormville NY expert, he will carefully inspect everything to see if there is a leak present. He will also examine the sludge layers in your septic tank to determine if pumping is required.

Septic tanks have a unique outlet that prevents the sludge from getting out into the drain field area. Septic tanks should be pumped if the sludge layer is up to six inches from the bottom or if the sludge accumulated exceeds 25% of the liquid depth. An expert will quickly let you know if your septic tank requires pumping.


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